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I applied for Facebook via the Careers link available on facebook.com which lists the open positions for a software developer. I submitted my resume to see if my resume clears the resume screening process and am I lucky enough to get a call. After a few days, I got a mail from a HR representative that they have received my resume and she would like to set up a telephonic conversation to know a little bit more about me, my background and experience and also tell me a bit more about the career opportunities available at facebook. After an exchange of few emails, we set up a telephonic conversation over Skype.

Finally the day in California (and the night in India) arrived, when I had my first telephonic conversation with a facebook employee. She told me beforehand that this conversation is not going to act as an elimination round. It’s just a chance to know more about me. She proceeded further to probe me with questions related to my college background, my current company and experience, reasons for looking for change of company. I tried to give genuine responses to such questions. Though later, I realized that a bit of diplomacy wouldn’t have hurt especially while answering the reason of looking for the change of company.

After asking such questions, she elaborated about the interview process. She said that there shall be 3 rounds of telephonic technical interviews in which I can expect to be asked to write the code on an online whiteboard like collabedit.com. Each round shall be an elimination round i.e. further progress depends on the result of previous interview. After clearing these 3 rounds, I shall be called onsite for 4 face-to-face rounds of interview. The interview process appeared very intensive and was designed to avoid getting a bad candidate get through the process. She then elaborated on how the new hires are given a chance to find a team based on their interest. She said that the new hires were given a boot camp session of six weeks in which they shall get a chance to know about all the products of Facebook. Then, they could select any team which interests them. The process sounded pretty cool and flexible. She asked me if I had any questions for her. I took this opportunity to ask a few general stereotype questions related to career growth prospects, flexibility of changing teams and what position are they hiring for.

At the end of our discussion, she said she shall get in touch with me and schedule the further technical rounds. Two weeks later, my first telephonic round was conducted about which I shall write about in my next post.

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    1. No, they didn't specifically ask me to do so. However, the HR asked me to go through the puzzles page to do some practice in the process of preparation. I solved 2 snacks level puzzles while preparing.

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