Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I was away for 2 days, trying to wear off the hallucinating effects of that wonderful thingie. As the effects gradually toned down, I started feeling more in control of myself. So, I thought of visiting you, go liking around every goddamn update that appeared, commenting LOLs on the not-so-amusing updates of my girlfriend, poking around strangers and sending friend requests to them . Yes, don’t be surprised, that’s what would have made my day complete.

But then as soon as I visited you, I felt as if I was still hallucinating. It appeared to me that the spirit of my deleted Orkut account has hijacked my Facebook account and is running amok, taking it’s revenge, hurting my eyes and stressing my brain cells. My impulsive reaction was to close my browser and then close my eyes, hoping that I was just imagining things and all shall be well when I open it.

I opened my eyes and then visited you again, but I was dismayed to find out that it wasn’t my illusion. I saw the home page covered with hate messages about new-looking interface. I tried hard to get used to the new interface but you made me feel so dumb. The ‘smart-lists’ were way too smart for me, the ‘ticker’ ticked me off and the relevance of  ‘top stories’ went over my top.  Sorry, but I feel like I have no option left but to ‘deactivate’ you from my life.

Yours sincerely,
one of your ticked off users

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