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How to use HTC Mozart-7 as USB drive

(Source: Discussion on xda-developers forum)

I found the steps of using HTC Mozart-7 as USB device on the above link.

  1. Open Windows Registry Editor by typing regedit in your start menu
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB
  3. Perform a search for ZuneDriver
  4. The search should yield a result similar to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\U SB\VID_045E&PID_04EC&MI_00\6&27ffd631&0&0000\Device Parameters\WUDF
  5.  Click up one level to the Device Parameters key
  6. Change ShowInShell from 0 to 1
  7. Change PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell from 1 to 0
  8. Change EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1
  9. Change EnableDefaultAutoPlaySupport

After following, the above steps, I was seeing two icons for Windows phone in Windows explorer but when I clicked on either of them, I saw 0 items. Then, reading through the complete discussion on the link above, I found the further instructions to follow to make it work.

Under Device Parameters, you should see two sub-folders: one is called WUDF and the other is ZuneDriver.

  1. Under WUDF, you will find a key called Exclusive - change the value of this key from 1 to 0.
  2. Under ZuneDriver, you will find a key called UseWpdPrivateInterface - change the value of this key from 1 to 0, as well.

Now you should see only one occurrence of your Windows Phone in the Portable Devices section.Don't forget to close the Zune software if it opens when you connect your phone.

After following these instructions, I was able to use my phone as USB drive successfully.

(Epilogue: Now-a-days, most of the sites promote the initiative 'Go Green' in which they ask you not to waste paper by taking printouts and use e-copy or SMS instead. IRCTC(Indian Railways Booking System) also offer this facility now where you could show the electronic copy of ticket or the confirmation SMS sent by them. However, since the IRCTC site was so slow that I was not able to book tickets directly on it, I booked my tickets via Cleartrip site. But SMS sent by Cleartrip just contained date of journey and PNR number but not my name. So, I decided to install Adobe Reader application on HTC 7 Mozart and then copy the e-copy to my HTC Mozart-7 phone. The phone gets connected to PC via Zune software but I didn't see phone as a USB device in windows explorer. After following the instructions, I was able to copy the files to phone but I was not able to locate those files on phone. So, all this effort of configuring the phone to be used as USB device didn't solve my issue. Then, I found a workaround by sending the e-copies as email to self and then downloading the e-copies on phone. These files were then easily located using the Adobe Reader application on phone.
Phew! So much for Go Green! ūüôā )

Controlling notifications from Facebook groups

Do you feel annoyed because of the Facebook notifications that you keep getting from an active facebook group which you are not actually interested to monitor instantly? Do you feel annoyed because you keep getting the Facebook group chat messages but you would prefer them not to pop up each time there is a group chat going on? Well, there is a way to control the notifications you get from Facebook groups by editing the settings for that group.

In case you are not aware of it, you can choose the settings for Facebook group chat and also the settings for getting notifications for group activities.  Here is a screenshot of  the settings page that you get after clicking 'Edit settings' on top right of Facebook group.

Controlling Facebook group notifications

Invisible mouse pointer on RHEL desktop

Recently, I encountered a strange problem of invisible mouse cursor after a fresh install of RHEL 5 on my desktop. Invisible in the sense, that I could still use the mouse to click on icons if I managed to place the "invisible" cursor correctly on the icon. I tried to search for answers by "googling" and after following a few links, I finally got the desired link which helped me resolve this problem.

Following the steps given on this blog post on, I was able to get the invisible mouse cursor to become visible again.

The trick is to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file by adding this line Option "HWCursor" "off" to your videocard device section such that it looks like the following:

Section "Device"
 Identifier  "Videocard0"
 Driver      "nv"
 Option      "HWCursor" "off"