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Paribus to save your day!

One of my friends posted about Paribus a few months back, the concept of getting a refund without doing any work at all, appealed instantly to me and I signed up for the service. I linked my Gmail account and Amazon account so that it could track the purchases and apply for a refund when it notices a price drop within the refund window. They can apply for a refund on your behalf to a list of merchants mentioned on their site, which features an impressive list of popular stores one would usually go for online shopping. They charge a 25% cut on the refund amount.

Supported merchants listSince I am not an active online shopper and none of my purchases qualified for a refund, I almost forgot that I had signed up for this service until I got an email last week that said: "$2 Found - From Team Paribus". 

Paribus savings

And I was almost as wowed as Owen Wilson saying wow! 🙂


  1. Sign up once and forget about monitoring the items for a price drop.
  2. No need to worry about keeping track of different refund policies of different stores.
  3. Automated filing of claims on your behalf.


  1. Some people may have security concerns since the service requires you to authorize access to your email account and Amazon account.
  2. There is a 25% cut, which could be saved if you are willing to monitor the price daily, keep in mind the refund policy of store, ready to file a claim by visiting the store or the store website.

I think it's a really clever and effective service. I have never gone back to look for a price drop for purchases I make. So, it almost feels like getting back lost money. If you would like to try out this service, you could sign up using this link (yes, this is my referral link so that if you sign up, it can reduce Paribus's % cut in my refund 🙂 ).